Due to the large growth of small farms, especially in Natal and the Eastern Cape, there has been a big demand for small, portable Macadamia nut crackers.

The Nut Company has seen this demand and has manufactured a small 220V portable nut cracker called the MACPORTA-S.

This cracker can easily split into three pieces for loading onto a bakkie or SUV.

The machine is extremely robust, built of mild steel and powder coated. A stainless steel hopper feeds the nuts into the cracker.

Each cracker has a Variable Speed Drive with forward reverse and a roll sizer.

A picking crate is placed under the cracker for collection purposes.

The machine will test differently with each variety of nuts, but it’s capacity is between 7 – 100kg per hour

Once fully assembled, the machine sizes as follows:

Height                  –                  1.250m

Length                 –                  1.250m

Breadth               –                   0.500m

The weight of the machine is + – 150kg

The machine uses a 0.55KW motor and draws + – 1 – 1.8A


*Capacity of machines may vary due to quality and style of nuts cracked or produce.

Please click on video to watch