Macmartins Cracker



The Nutcracker is manufactured of heavy duty mild steel and powder coated to “carrier beige”, or the colour of your choice.

All chutes and feeder pans are made of 2mm ring polished stainless steel (304)
All moving parts and vibrator feeder are fully enclosed within a ring polished stainless steel enclosure.

The Sizer is covered with “Lexan” sheeting.
The sheeting is easily removed for cleaning.
The Sizer and vibrator pan is fully adjustable by means of variable speed drives.

The cracker is capable of producing + – 1.5tons per hour, depending on the variety of macadamia that needs to be cracked.
The machine weighs + – 1.5 tons, un-crated.
The dimensions of the machine are H – 2000 x W – 1230 x L – 1920mm.
The unit is supplied with a stainless steel electrical starter box consisting of the following:

  1. Isolator
  2. D.O.L starter for rollers
  3. V.S.D. starter for the sizer
  4. Electromagnetic variable starter for the feed pan
  5. Stop/start buttons for manual operation and
  6. Selector switch for sequence starting.
  7. Run Trip lights for indication

Power requirement is 380V and the unit draws + – 8A.


*Capacity of machines may vary due to quality and style of nuts cracked or produce.