Ducting is required for the use of air displacement

When installing an air heating system, consult with Elecmec Engineering to find out which type of duct is best for your application. More often than not, sheet metal is the safest and most cost effective material used for creating ductwork.

A round duct, however, is more efficient than a rectangular duct in performing the same task; it is also smaller in cross-sectional area and has less duct wall exposed to moving air. … The rectangular duct has 32% more metal in it, and should cost proportionately more. Although the above is most relevant, it is a norm to use square duct in the Macadamia industry.

For instance, round duct is the more efficient shape in terms of material use, resistance to airflow, and air leakage. “The trade-off is that round duct will not always fit in the space provided. In these cases the duct is converted to rectangular so that it can fit in the available space.

There are two major reasons that ductwork installation can make your heating and air conditioning less efficient. … That means vents that aren’t always in the most efficient location in a room. Reviewing your ductwork design can tell you whether or not you could get better performance from your factories HVAC.

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