Due to the high demand of caramelising machines, the Nut Machine Company has developed a South African built product for the South African market.

This machine has a built in variable speed drive to adjust the pot speed. The standard speed is + – 40 rpm’s.

The pot is heated with a gas burner and is equipt with a 220V igniter, regulator and 1m gas pipe. (The gas bottle must be supplied by the customer.)

The machine can be used for normal spicing, caramelizing and coating of nuts.


Voltage – 220V 50Hz
Speed – + – 40 rpm’s variable speed
Functions – caramelizing, spicing, coating
Operation – Gas (Due to open flame use indoors or in a covered area to shield from wind)
Per Batch – Max Batch Capacity 500g – 1kg depending on your coating use
Levelling – supplied with adjustable feet
Safety – regulator and lockable gas bottle door
Weight – +/- 45kg
Dimensions – 1100mm high x 540mm wide

Click here for Users Manual
TNMC Caramelizer Instruction Manual


*Capacity of machines may vary due to quality and style of nuts cracked or produce.