Baby Dehusker

After the exceptionally successful manufacture of the MACHUSKER, THE NUT MACHINE COMPANY has developed a new affordable 2 lane de – husker for the small scale farmer or a farmer with a young plantation.

As with the MACHUSKER, we have done away with all wear parts such as springs, bushes and rods and replaced them with ROSTA tensioners. Depending on the variety of nut being de husked, these tensioners can quickly and easily be adjusted, simply by adjusting a bolt.

The rolls are driven by a 0.75Kw geared motor. All the rolls have been case hardened. Furthermore, the chains can be adjusted closer to the rolls when smaller nuts are husked, simply by adjusting two bolts.

The BABY DEHUSKER is manufacture from mild steel, but is exceptionally robust and highly efficient.

Not only is the BABY DEHUSKER ecstatically good looking, but well priced too.


Capacity:  +/- 2 tons per hour, subject to quality and variety of nuts being produced.
The size of the machine is: H =  1700 x  L= 2300 x  W = 650mm
The weight of the machine uncrated is: +/- 150kg
The machine only draws: +/- 1.5A on full load, 380V


*Capacity of machines may vary due to quality and style of nuts cracked or produce.